One Product From Seed to Harvest

Gold Leaf is a true, single-step liquid fertilizer that delivers EVERY essential plant nutrient to hydroponic and soil grown plants. Gold Leaf eliminates the need for multiple products, saving growers time, money and water.

The Science Behind Gold Leaf

After years of research and trials, biochemist and plant scientist, Dr. Russell Sharp, made a major breakthrough in plant fertilization by developing a unique, proprietary chemistry that allows all of the nutrients to be combined into one solution without precipitating out. Preventing calcium and phosphorus from combining to form calcium phosphate is the primary discovery that makes Gold Leaf the only product of its kind.

Gold Leaf also prevents other unwanted nutrient combinations from forming, including calcium and sulfur combining to form gypsum.

The prevention of unwanted chemical reactions is just one of the many unique features in Gold Leaf. Others include its ‘pH optimized’ technology and its ability to dechlorinate water.

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Why Switch to Gold Leaf?

The obvious benefit of Gold Leaf is that it is a 1 part fertilizer with all the nutrients you need. Gold Leaf is the preferred method for both new and experienced growers. It is pH optimized with a lower electrical conductivity rate and lower heavy metal rate than other fertilizers. Your plants will be healthier and yield more.

Gold Leaf For Ornamental Plants

Gold Leaf works wonders for house plants of all kinds. Listen to grower CC Brooks explain how Gold Leaf has brought his exotic and ornamental plants to life. 

Benefits of Gold Leaf

From Seed to Harvest. No other nutrients required, but may be added.

Eliminates the need for multiple feed tanks & blending equipment.

Neutralizes chlorine and chloramines in water.

Delivers NPK.

Highly concentrated.

Final product, medical grade.

Optimizes yield and produces denser growth than other NPK fertilizers.

pH optimized and maintained throughout the growing process. 

Extremely low sodium and metal content.

Very low electrical conductivity.

Requires no pH adjustments.

Gold Leaf Comparison Ad
Gold Leaf Plant

“I’ve been using Gold Leaf hydroponic nutrients in my hydro set up in my greenhouse for the past month now and I marvel over the simplicity of not having to test my well water for pH or anything else. Gold Leaf is about as easy as it gets when adding it to the tub for water distribution via a small sub pump. I have the pump on timer where it comes on for 30 minutes and is off for the same amount of time. The Bok Choy and other plants are a beautiful vibrant green with no browning of leave and they look very healthy. Although we’re just getting started in hydro growing we plan on a few other types of growing using Gold Leaf as the nutrient of choice!!”

-David D