Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the questions below and let us know if you have one of your own.


How are you combining calcium and sulfur without it forming calcium sulfate, and calcium and phosphorus from forming calcium phosphate?

These are two of the the major proprietary breakthroughs the Gold Leaf biochemists and plant scientists have been able to achieve, thus making Gold Leaf the most advanced product on the market.

Is using Gold Leaf cost-effective?

Gold Leaf contains every essential plant nutrient, thus eliminating the need to purchase multiple products. It also instantly dechlorinates tap water and maintains the pH throughout the growing process. Gold Leaf is Extremely concentrated. A one gallon bottle of Gold Leaf will make up to 1,000 gallons of solution for most plants.

Is Gold Leaf chemical based?

Yes. However, Gold Leaf is Biorational. It works with beneficial microbes/bacteria and pollinators. On that note, growers that grow in living soil love it.

Is Gold Leaf salt based?

No. Gold Leaf contains no salt. It contains a range of chemical compounds to deliver the full range of essential plant nutrients.

Can you use Gold Leaf with Promix?

Yes, but since Promix is peat-based and already contains fertilizer, only apply Gold Leaf at 1/3 to 1/2 the stated dosage rate.

Can products that push terpene production and weight increases be used with Gold Leaf?

Yes. Just consider that Gold Leaf already has a high level of potassium so don’t push that particular level too high.

Tomato plants are growing nicely, but not getting many tomatoes. Is this a fertilizer issue?

No. The plants need to be pollinated.Simply shake the branches lightly, or apply an electric
toothbrush near the blooms to self-pollinate.

Is Gold Leaf organic?

No, but it is biorational. It works with beneficial organisms.

Does Gold Leaf contain Humic/Fulvic Acid?

No, it does not. It is tank mix compatible with them though.

Is Gold Leaf a mineral fertilizer or a nitrate fertilizer?

It is a mineral fertilizer that contains nitrates in the exact balance for optimal growth and crop health.

How well does Gold Leaf works with cannabis in a DWC system? I didn’t see silica on the nutrient list and wonder if there is enough calming in it.

It works very well in DWC systems. Silicon is beneficial but not an essential nutrient, so it is not in Gold Leaf. However, Gold Leaf is compatible with potassium silicate-based additives. Just add the potassium silicate to the tank before adding Gold Leaf. Where Gold Leaf contains calcium and magnesium, in hydroponics systems such as DWC, the addition of cal/mag is recommended. Especially if using RO water.

Tip: Air stones raise pH but not alkalinity. If using RO water, your pH will be at 6.0-6.3 starting out. Turn your air stone down on the first day of nutrient add by 40%. Then gradually bring the air stones back up to 100% during the next 5-6 days. Then just do a continuous feed and your pH will be dialed in.

How often do I need to change out the water when growing hydroponically?

The general rule is that once you have topped off the reservoir with a volume of water
equal to the volume of the reservoir, it’s time for a change out. In other words, if you have a 25-gallon tank and have replenished five gallons, five times, it’s time to change it out. Follow the dilution rate for
the intervals of applications of Gold Leaf based on the amount of water being used to top off.

I’ve already done veg. Can I switch over to Gold Leaf when I switch to flower?

Yes. Just follow the dilution rates for your medium.

I’ve read that the ppm for cannabis should be 500-600 after cloning; 800-900 during vegetation and 1,000-1,100 when flowering. Does this apply to Gold Leaf as well?

No. You can ignore the EC/TDS levels stated in most guides as these numbers are based on
conventional fertilizers that have a lot of salt in them. The low EC is not usually a problem. Growers like to keep their EC levels low. Instead of using the prescribed EC value created for generic two-part fertilizers, simply use the recommended dose rate for Gold Leaf. Make a note of the EC this creates with your local water and then work to this EC value for future irrigations or when replenishing the tanks. Do not apply more Gold Leaf than is recommended for your medium.

What do you do if you are using coco/coir or soil and you overdosed with the Gold Leaf?

Run fresh water through the growing medium a few times to wash out the excess fertilizer. Then give
it one dose of cal/mag at the rate specified by the manufacturer of that brand. The calcium will
counteract the excess potassium. Give it a day or two then resume the normal schedule. This may or
may not solve the problem depending on how much you overdosed.

What benefits does Gold Leaf have over Veg Bloom and Shine?

Gold Leaf is pH perfect and also dechlorinates tap water. Gold Leaf is also a liquid, not a powder. Veg Bloom lacks two essential plant nutrients. It also contains some contaminant elements. The metal content in Veg Bloom is significantly higher than Gold Leaf. Veg Bloom also contains a calcium level well beyond what is required by most plants. The Shine product is simply a mix of potassium phosphate, potassium sulphate and magnesium sulfate. There are ample amounts of each in Gold Leaf.

Can I use Hydroguard or hydrogen peroxide with Gold Leaf?

Yes, but don’t mix them with Gold Leaf.Add them separately.

I made more Gold Leaf solution than I needed. Can I save the overage and use it later?

No. Only mix what you plan to use with the current application. Mix a fresh batch each time. However, if you are using a reservoir, add a circulating pump. Not an air stone as this will raise the pH. When using a circulating pump, put a timer on it so that it kicks on for 15 minutes or so once or twice a day. Do Not leave the circulating pump on continuously. The running pump will raise the water temperature over time.

I’m growing Revolver Autoflower in perlite and cocoa using an autopot gravity fed water system. How much Gold Leaf should I use and how often?

Follow the same instructions as for coco/coir. Make sure the holding tanks and pipes are sterile before starting.

Why does my diluted Gold Leaf smells like ammonia?

Gold Leaf contains ammonium so there may be a slight odor of it. It’s not a problem.

My system has a sulfur smell. What causes this?

Gold Leaf contain sulfur, so it’s not unusual to notice a bit of an odor. That’s not a problem. It could,
however, also be caused by a bacterial load in your system.

When should I apply Gold Leaf as a foliar feed?

Use 4mL (1/8 oz.) per gallon of water, as a fine spray, every two weeks. Never apply in sunny or during hot weather. Gold Leaf contains calcium and sulfur, both of which can scorch if leaves are hot.

When growing plants in a pot, is it okay to leave water in the catch tray at the bottom?

If water sits in the tray for more than 12 hours, it will create anoxic conditions (lack of oxygen) which
will cause root rot. Drain it out. It’s best to water slowly and stop as water begins to appear out the
bottom of the pot.

I was always told that as plants grow their needs change so how can one mix work?

The plant scientist who developed Gold Leaf knew this, of course, before embarked on creating the Gold Leaf formula. He was able to include every essential plant nutrient in the solution that would be absorbed by the plant when the plant needs it, without any of the nutrients precipitating out. Simply stated, a plant selectively absorbs the nutrients it wants when it needs them. It doesn’t passively absorb whatever you give them. The formula was calculated to know what and how much of each nutrient would be needed by the plant in each stage of its growth and ensure there is a sufficient amount to carry the plant from seed to harvest. This is one reason it is very important not to overdose the fertilizer. It is very concentrated and has already been dosed to match each medium in which you may be growing.

What is the best way to clean lines out?

If you have limescale, use a very diluted citric acid solution. If you have microbial buildup of biofilm, use either boiling water, peroxide or a chlorine rinse.If there’s a lot of microbial build up every time you grow, we recommend you install a UV filter.

After mixing my Gold Leaf solution, it appears some has settled to the bottom. What do you recommend I do?

Give it a good stirring. If using in a reservoir, the addition of a circulating pump is beneficial. Be sure to put the circulating pump on a timer so that it only turns on for approximately 10-15 minutes at a time once or twice a day. DO NOT leave the pump on continuously as this will raise your water temperature.

My solution is a bit white. What do you think is causing this?

Either your water is too hard or your container is dirty.Always sanitize your container before starting.

I grow hydroponic lettuce outside in DWC. I have 4,000 holes in my system with a 1,000 gallon reservoir. Will Gold Leaf work for me? Also, is it cost-effective for large operations?

Although Gold Leaf is proven to be very effective in most media, we’ve seen mixed results with outdoor growing in DWC, as it is a more difficult method of growing and the system needs to be very sterile. There is carbon in Gold Leaf and this might cause microbes to grow in the tank being exposed to the outdoor environment. It would not be pathogenic microbes but may give off an unpleasant odor.

Cost effectiveness would depend on if you’re having any issues with your grow and what price you place on your time. Gold Leaf is very simple to use and, as you may know, maintains your pH without the need for adjustments with a pH Up or Down. It also dechlorinates tap water. If you’re currently just using a soluble granular fertilizer and it works well for you, Gold Leaf would probably not be as cost-effective. But, if you’re continually experiencing problems with nutrient deficiencies, dissolving salts, pH control or with chlorine in your water, Gold Leaf would solve these problems for you.

I’m growing in soil and am getting some yellowing in my leaves. What’s causing this?

Probably one of three issues: (1) Over-watering (2) Overdosing the Gold Leaf (3) May need to add some cal-mag.

The tips of my cannabis plants are burning. What’s causing this?

Probably one of two issues: (1) Your plants are too close to your lighting.Keep your plants at least 30” from your lights. (2) You are overdosing your fertilizer.

When using Gold Leaf in soil, we apply it every third watering as directed. When we apply just plain water in between the Gold Leaf waterings, the pH in the plain water is higher than where Gold Leaf holds it. When applying the plain water, will the Gold Leaf from the previous applications maintain the pH or should we add a pH down in the plain water before applying it?

After applying the plain water, collect some runoff from the bottom of the pot to check the pH. If you’re not growing in pots, squeeze some water out of the soil a couple hours after watering to check it. If it’s high, you can add some pH Down. Add the pH Down as directed but be patient. Once the pH begins to drop, it can do so rapidly so give it time to settle.

TIP: When in main Veg or Flowering, add the minimum dosage of Gold Leaf (2mL/Gal) on water only days. This will instantly dechlorinate and pH your water without feeding your plants too much.

The leaves on our tomato plants are drooping. Any suggestions?

Drooping is usually a sign of too much water. The roots may not be getting enough oxygen. If over-watering is not the problem, the plant may need a bit more nitrogen. Try adding some Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN).

I have a Drain and Waste System. What do you recommend for cleaning my lines?

If limescale is present, use a very diluted citric acid solution.If there’s a bicrobial buildup of biofilm, use either boiling water, peroxide or a chlorine rinse.