SHAKE VERY WELL to activate the technology. Although this product is creamy white, it is not a suspension; therefore, all nutrients will dissolve in approximately 60 seconds. 


Ensure your system is fully sterilized before beginning cultivation. Gold Leaf will automatically dechlorinate tap water so there’s no need to leave tap water sit for 24 hours in advance of your grow.

For most crops, apply at a rate of 2 mL (1/16 oz.) per gallon of water during germination and for young plants. If you believe your particular crop is deficient at this dosage rate, then increase the rate to 4 mL (1/8 oz.) per gallon of water. The rate should be increased to 4 mL (1/8 oz.) per gallon of water during growth and flowering. Do not overdose as burning or chlorosis (yellowing) may result.

The EC level (electrical conductivity) is significantly lower than most conventional two-part fertilizers. For this reason, please use the above dosage rates and the resulting EC value as your benchmark when adding in fresh water or nutrients. Using standard EC values set for conventional fertilizers could result in over-dosing the crop. Dosage rates can be adjusted for local water quality and the specific requirements of the crop but only exceed the recommended dosage rate if you believe the crop is deficient in nutrients at the 4 mL per gallon of water rate.

Ebb and Flood

Add to a clean tank at the above dosage rate. Stir and apply the solution to the crop immediately to allow it to spread through the system. Do not allow pockets of stagnant solution to remain once drained.

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) / Continuous Flow

Top off tank with water daily, then add Gold Leaf to reach the EC level equivalent to 4 mL (1/8 oz.) per gallon of water.


Use as a direct replacement for your current fertilizer, at the above dosage rate. pH adjustments should not be necessary.


Soil Drenches

Use as a direct replacement for general purpose NPK liquid fertilizers. Gold Leaf replaces micronutrient (trace element) feeds and calcium supplements. Dose at 15 mL
(1/2 oz.) per gallon of water to already moist soil. Apply Gold Leaf solution every third time you water. (Approximately every 7 – 14 days) when plants are actively growing.

Compost Drenches and Potted Plants

Apply at 15 mL (1/2 oz.) per gallon of water in peat-based growing media. Apply at 20 mL (3/4 oz.) per gallon if treating coir (coconut fiber). Apply Gold Leaf solution every third time you water. (Approximately every 7 – 14 days).

Foliar Application

Apply at 4 mL (1/8 oz.) per gallon of water as a fine spray approximately every two weeks. As with any foliar fertilizer, avoid application to plants in hot weather.

Irrigation Systems

Apply at 4 mL (1/8 oz.) per gallon of water. Apply as a direct replacement for general purpose NPK fertilizer.

Use on Farmland

Calculate the desired nutrient concentration based on current application rates for the specific crop. Calculate on the basis of “total kg of NPK” delivered rather than comparing EC levels, as Gold Leaf has a low EC level by design to reduce salinity issues.

Alleviating Salt Stress

Crops growing in saline areas will respond well to Gold Leaf addition.Its low chlorine content combined with the nitrates and organic carbon will help alleviate the toxicity of sodium to the crop.Saline conditions are common in fields located near the coast, in arid regions where irrigation is commonplace, or where desalinated water is used to irrigate crops.


A small number of crops/varieties may require additional amounts of magnesium. If this is the case for your crop, add magnesium sulphate (Epson salts) to the tank: 5g (1 tsp) per 2.5 gallons of water.

Tank mix compatible with most agrochemicals but always conduct a bucket test to confirm.

Store away from direct sunlight and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. Avoid direct or prolonged contact with skin and eyes with the undiluted product.

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