PLEASE READ COMPLETELY. Shake very well. Mix thoroughly. Wait a few minutes before applying. Use as a continuous feed for hydroponics. For use in soil or peat, apply every third watering and use plain water in between Gold Leaf applications. Disregard PPM readings. PPMs do not apply when using Gold Leaf.

The following chart represents approximate dosing ranges for all growth stages of High-Value Crops, along with recommended lighting cycles. These are tested ranges based on several strains grown with Gold Leaf. Use this chart as a guideline and only make slight adjustments according to your plant’s performance but be careful not to overdose. Gold Leaf contains both calcium and magnesium. Some plant strains, however, prefer additional amounts of each depending on the growing medium. Gold Leaf is compatible with all Cal/Mag, Microbial Amendment and Terpene Enhancer products.

Gold Leaf Dosing Chart High Value