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Hear what everyone is saying about the Gold Leaf


Truly monster pie. Aloe vera grown from a cutting to this size in only 12 months. Normally takes 3-4 years.

Gary Burchfield, Owner, The Urban Garden, Columbia, SC

I am very impressed with Gold Leaf so far. I can’t believe this is truly a one bottle does all product. We
have been trying to find this “magic bullet” for ten years! We chose a few customers with different
levels of experience to try out Gold Leaf and the customer who has never grown a plant in his life had
crazy stunning results. I am blown away. You have a great product. Good luck and I am certain the
orders will continue to pour in.

Maui Bob

Since I was one of the first growers in the United States to have the opportunity to try Gold Leaf before its release, I thought I’d give my honest opinion about this nutrient. I’ve been part of the growing community for going on 10 years now and I’ve strived for the best possible results with the least amount of effort. I was actually asked to try out the product for my favorite grow shop. I tested it side by side with my favorite nutrient line, which is also one of the cleanest lines, and the results were fantastic! A true one part base nutrient. I really can’t emphasize enough how easy this product is to use. Also, you only flush at the end of your bloom cycle. I’m on my 4 th grow using Gold Leaf, 2 side by side with other nutrients and 2 by itself. The results have been better than expected each time. I recommend Gold Leaf to anyone that’s starting out and would like to keep things simple.

Chris W.

I’ll give you a quick review. It’s awesome! Use the same bottle through the entire grow. I use less than recommended and my plants love it. The only extra I use was a golden tree and orca. That simple. Super simple.

Tara W.

Thank you Gold Leaf. Used the nutrients on my first grow. The simplicity of use was a huge plus! Made my experience that much better. Currently using again. Having huge success. Thank you.

Chad G.

This stuff is the BOMB! No kidding… My plants were a little yellow. Now they are so GREEN they look
blue! Healthy plants are happy ones!

Tim C.

Our first test was successfully completed. We did flower two identical plants and must say, the buds are bigger, firmer, and more smell than the other plant. We are confident in your product so I am going to try it in veg on a few and flower 4 of our top strains for test 2. If it goes well, we will be buying nutes from you.

Tony Abdallah, Owner

Pure High 420 in Michigan sells Gold Leaf. It’s an awesome product.

August P.

I’ve used it and love it. It’s awesome.

Matt K.

Just used my second week of feeding with Gold Leaf. I’m impressed with the results so far. I look forward to using it in flower to see the difference.

Da L.

Got my bottle a few weeks ago, plants are looking great so far.

Dan O.

I use a product called slf1000 with Gold Leaf. I mix it together and it does amazing things to my roots. I had to pull a male up 2 weeks ago and the way my roots were looking was amazing. Man, I’ve actually never seen roots look so healthy.

Chris W.

The initial cost is more yes, but you save hundreds in the long run. You’re using a 1 part nutrient start to finish. No veg A&B bloom, A&B plus all the extra amendments. Think long term and this stuff is totally worth it. 1 bottle for multiple grows. I’m in.